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Coding Trends Of Medicare Evaluation And Management Services

Coding Trends Of Medicare Evaluation And Management Services

Coding trends on Medicare evaluation and management services have changed over time. In a research done by the Daniel R. Levinson between 2001 and 2010, he found out that coding for medical practitioner has changed over time. In the research, the physicians increased their billing to a higher level that is they made their billings to be more complex and expensive. This has therefore led to the increase in the cost of coding for Medicare evaluation and management by the various billi9jngb companies. This article therefore will focus on these paradigm shifts according to three visits done by Daniel.

Established Patient Office Visits

These represent the largest number of people in the Medicare field. These are people who seek the already established patient office services over the years. There has been a shift in the EM codes billings in this group of people. This has been to the increase rather than the decrease. This has led to the shift from the three lower level E/M codes up to the two higher-level codes. Physicians over the years have increased their level of billing of the two highest level of E/M codes in this visit.

Subsequent Inpatient Hospital Care

These are the second highest number of people seeking Medicare care payment of the E/M codes. Over the years, physicians have increased their billing from the lower level E/M codes to the higher level. Physicians that carried out medical services using their E/M codes increased. This can be determined through the use of PBAR data files, which determines the coding trends of the E/M services. These files have in them the total number each E/M code has on services and payments. This is then calculated basing on the frequency in which the various physicians billed the E/M codes through Medicare.

Emergency Department Visits

These are the visits in which patients visited the emergency department. They rank fifth in the number of patients who are evaluated. In this department, the physicians who billed in the E/M codes in this category like many others also increased. This therefore means that there has been a uniform increase in the E/M code all over United States of America.  

Based on these research by Richard one can conclude that there has been an increase in the billing of the physicians to higher level E/M codes in the almost all type of E/M services. The high number of billing higher also comes from one specialty thus concluding that there are some specialty that bill high than others in the Medicare evaluation, in addition the physicians who billed high are all over the united states and treated the people with almost similar ailments and ages .

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